Sunday, June 27, 2004

hi was pretty much a normal Sunday. Went to church with some people then came home and played Sequence (this awesome old person game that Danizzelle introduced to me) for about an hour and a half with Annie, Danielle, and Alex R....that was amusing. Danielle and I were on a team and we beat Annie and Alex more than they beat us. Alex was amusing because he got so hyper and stuff...he is so mature but sometimes immaturity shines through us all. But I like it. Anyways then Andy came over and Jamie was there too and we had a mini party thing where we were all SUPPOSED to swim but as it was cloudy the water was SOOO cold, so no one really got in. On a side note- Charlotte and I (the splashtaculars) are going to kill that man sam. (but not S.A.M, cuz i love that guy) *ahem* anyways then I went to the rehearsal for Fridays choir concert. It wasnt that great. I HATE the song we're singing. it makes NO sense at ALL. Now i am at home. I need to stop eating..i eat a lot these days. I am like the thing that wouldnt stop eating.
i ate some yogurt just then.
but thats good for you right?? it makes all the cookies go away. yeah. thats right. I make up health rules and i abide by them!!
so yeah. sure sign that im tired- i ramble on about things that i dont even know that im talking about until i glance up and read it and im like WHAT?
so goodnight- before i talk of ducks.
*lacey jane

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