Monday, September 24, 2007

AWESOME. Then not.

DEFINITELY found a ride to Subway.Then got TWO FREE FOOT LONGS and a DRINK FOR FREE Because I BASICALLY ROCK. Friendliness really pays off, you know? *Does a funky Subway Dance**Lacey Jane*said the sandwich maker to the cashier: "Hey- She's good."as in, "SHE DOESNT HAVE TO PAY!"yessssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!

I went and worked out for an hour.GO ME!and on the way back to my dorm- a small but noticeable bug flew into my eye.and because that is just NOT ENOUGH-it BIT ME ON THE EYE AREA- which results in GREAT PAIN and LOTS OF WETNESS which is REALLY DISGUSTING.*Lacey Jane*"REALLY GOD?!!?!? BECAUSE I THOUGHT WE WERE HOMEBOYS!!!"-me when a BUG BIT MY EYE.

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