Monday, October 15, 2007

Because I just don't get things, sometimes...

As I sit here, enjoying my dinner of Ritz crackers dipped in ranch dressing, I ponder the insanity of whoever decided that our caf should close at 7pm. That is the time I would like to eat my dinner. Not the time I would like to finish it. In all actuality, I would like to eat my dinner at 8:30, or 9. It is very very impractical to close the cafeteria down at 7pm. No one appreciates it, least of all myself. However, I will survive--- I have Ramen...and although I do not really appreciate the saltiness...the noodles alone are (though tasteless) enough to suffice...Tonight I have tried to liven up the blandness by adding is still heating up* but when it's finished, I can eat it and go to sleep- which sounds nice... Roommate and I are sick. She's having stomach problems and I am having fever/throat/head problems. BONUS- I have a choir concert tomorrow! Don't worry- all of us are sick, and none of us know the music- so this should be one big embarrassment for us and our choir director. It's his fault for trying to make us learn 7 (some of them RATHER DIFFICULT) songs in just shy of two months. With only 2 rehearsals a week- really this doesn't happen. Especially when our soprano section is less-than-weak, and our alto section just won't blend."It's not over til the fat lady sings"Imagine the fat lady's's pretty, right? Operatic, and deep.NO GOOD IN A CHOIR THOUGH, GIRL WHO STANDS ON MY LEFT!!!!!!BLEND, altos! BLEND! they even know the meaning of the word?very depressing. I miss Dr. Mahraun (choir director at previous school)goodnight...ramen+pepper=eh..not too bad.*Lacey Jane*"The dream of your body so fine your gorgeous green eyes gazing in mine. That's fuckin gold, and despite bein bold it's a dream I'll hold."-Dave's friend, Jeffrey...what a stud. Good try, man.*We aren't allowed to have microwaves in my room- and the microwave provided in the lobby is always filthy and probably has its own array of STD' I heat up water in my coffee pot, pour it over the noodles/oatmeal/life/whatev, and put a paper towel over it for a few minutes to allow it to heat... sure the majority of the noodles are a bit..uh..chewy, but it gets the job done, and i dont even have to get up.

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