Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Because I know how you people adore the unpleasant stuff....

Taking a shower is supposed to be a really joyous experience. You get to be CLEAN! and have some ALONE TIME! and you get to SMELL NICE! and there's HOT WATER! involved and you can SING!...That's how it used to be for me anyway. I don't know about you guys- but I LOVE TAKING SHOWERS! Most of the time. But not here. Here. In Hall 14. Taking a shower is strenuous, uncomfortable, nasty and frightening, and inevitably you walk (carefully) out of the (tiny) stall dirtier than you were previous to showering.Here's why. Because if you touch the walls or (God forbid) the SLIMY shower curtain- you feel the immediate need to wash the area that has touched the aforementioned areas. Therefore, you must be VERY careful in the shower to not touch these things, but this is difficult- as the stalls are about [_] <--this wide. Luckily(ish), the two end stalls are a bit larger than the three middle ones. soooo the whole shower row looks like this: [__][_][_][_][__]It doesn't seem too terrible if you can snag an empty end-shower. Which I usually do (or I just don't shower at that time)TONIGHT HOWEVER- Obnoxious things happened necessitating an entire xanga entry. Those obnoxious things went a little like this.... I firstly went to the shower here: [__][_][_][_][x_] This is usually the shower I shower in- as the other end-shower smells funny...Really. It does. Different from the others. However, tonight, my usual shower was occupied. Not by a person, but by a used tampon. It smugly looked up at me like "hahahha...i'm just a little bloody, waterlogged tampon, but I got the GOOD SHOWER."Damn tampon. So, my choices were either to attempt a small-shower, or go to the funny smelling one, which has more room, therefore, more comfort.Of course I chose roomy and comfortable.Starting the shower is difficult. I was always taught righty-tighty lefty-loosey, therefore it would only make sense in my mind that turning the faucets to the left would turn them on.Oh no no no, not in Hall 14. THAT WOULD BE TOO EASY.So here we are, 2.5 months into living here and I still have difficulty turning on the shower...Actually, turning them on isn't so difficult, but it is adjusting the temperature that gets very confusing. After struggling for a bit, I get a decent water temp and cautiously continue on with my shower.Of course, I am joined within minutes by Girl2, who ops for the other-end-shower with Sir Bloody Tampon. Good for her I suppose. I would have probably left and come back later...but she's braver than I, obviously.I know I am rattling on- but I have lots to talk about, and I can't start the movie until roommate gets off the phone with her boy. He loves her lots so they chat for miles. Elliott and I are lucky if our phone conversations last more than 5.7 minutes...anyway- back to the shower...Girl2 (who I have respect for) turns on her shower, and instinctively I step out of the way. This instinct also kicks in when someone flushes the toilet, or uses the sink (or claps their hands! or scratches their nose! or blinks!). You have about .9 seconds to move or you will be burned. Or frozen. But it will never tell you which. After Girl2 adjusts her water temp, I readjust mine, and continue on.This is when it gets weird/annoying/obnoxious (in my opinion). ... Girl3 comes in.Now, Xangaland- if you were in Girl3's position, which shower would you choose? a, b, or c?[ME][_a][_b][_c][G2]Of course you would. Any respectful individual would go with B. Unless there was a used tampon in it, or fecal matter, or puke (all have been spotted), why would you not go in B???Oh no. Instead- Girl3 chooses stall A.Now, audience (if anyone is still reading..)...Let me please express to you my distaste at having unknown Girl3 RIGHT NEXT TO ME when we shower. We're really close together...and her rinsing water splashes on my feet.What is REALLY nasty- is that as soon as she's done adjusting her water temp (Girl2 and I follow suit-), she pees. In the shower.Which...okay...lots of people do it- I have done it before, sometimes it cannot be helped..but think of what I said earlier.Her Rinsing Water Splashes On My Feet.I smell the ammonia/pee smell...I have to say- It is difficult for me to stand the smell of someone else's urine if it is a strong smell...if it is a normal-pee smell, it really doesn't bother me...but for some reason..Girl3 had putrid-smelling-pee that PROBABLY splashed onto my feet...I am, at this point, both outraged and sickened..My flip-flops and my feet have to be re-soaped (as far away from her stall as possible) and I haul ass out of the shower.I checked. No fecal matter. No puke. No bloody tampon. Just a nice stall B, all ready and waiting.Oh but no. Girl3 decides that she feels the need. the need to pee. on my foot. like a bitch.Soooo basically that's my story.Really I am sparing you most of the details, and I am not even going into the more disgusting details of the showers- let alone the bathrooms- of Hall 14.please, everyone...Do not take your showers for granted...lay down in them and marvel at the fact that you are not obtaining various STD's! *Lacey Jane*"why put a quote when no one comments or even reads me?"-my xanga...she's such a pessimist.

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