Thursday, October 18, 2007

I really do try to see the best in things, honestly...

It just doesn't work out sometimes though. I e-mailed my professors 3 days ago explaining my current state of unhealth (I know. It's not a word. Shut it). Yes, my professors are very very busy and they have lots of work to do and they have lives and everything.. But out of the 5 professors I e-mailed- ALL 5 GOT THE E-MAIL, and only ONE wrote me back. ONE. The one that I am pretty sure doesn't even know what I look like, because he teaches my biggest class wrote me back and told me he hopes I'm feeling better soon. SO THANK YOU DR. SEGADY, for the acknowledgment. In the ONE CLASS I have him for, he has 260 other students to deal with, and he still found time during his horrid busy day to write back a short but appreciated e-mail. I'm actually pretty mad that I didn't get a response from all of them. I hate to be the "At My Old School" girl, but AT MY OLD SCHOOL, when I wrote to all my professors telling them I was sick- EVERY SINGLE ONE responded within a day or two, and a couple of them even CALLED ME a couple days later to make sure I was feeling better. I miss that. A lot.*Lacey Jane*"Miss you lots! Why aren't you in my life?"-Shane Reif....I LOVE shane reif. he's catholic and we were going to get married.*sigh*

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