Monday, October 8, 2007

Traditions and winning 10 dollars...

5-0 The Cowboys. Are 5 and 0. I was raised to love the Cowboys. When I was younger- I hated football season. It was confusing. The adults would sit around screaming at the tv. Eating chips and dip, making no sense to me.Often times we would all go outside after the afternoon games and play two-hand-touch in the street with all the neighbors. This part was fun. I liked going outside and playing. Still do, sometimes. But oh man. The whole watching-the-game thing was just not my style. But Oh MAN I GET IT NOW! I LOVE watching the Cowboys games. Getting into it. Eating chips and dip. WINNING 10$!!!! Breaking out into HIVES when we were down the WHOLE GAME UNTIL THE LAST 18 SECONDS! Seriously. Awesome. Game. Very. Scary. And. Fun. And tomorrow? Tomorrow myself and some fellow college children will be making our way to the intermural fields to play a game of football ourselves. My idea. Some things will never. ever. change.And I like it that way *Lacey Jane**justin does a silly dance when the Bills score*"Justin! I didn't know you liked men!"-me, because i am HILARIOUS.

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