Monday, November 26, 2007

19 Days Til Christmas Break

...but really, who's counting? Laura and I returned to our faithful dorm room last night- weary, but not especially tired, and willed ourselves to unpack (okay okay- Laura always unpacks...I willed myself to follow suit), before watching a tiny bit of tv, and (in her case) surfing the web on her lovely laptop (that hasn't broken for no reason) and (in my case) reading a Jane Green book that I've already read, but it's what I had...Sleep did not come easy for me...and when Elliott called at 2ish, I answered and was talking- and noticed that every time I said something, Laura responded....She was still pretty much asleep, and it was pretty hilarious. She giggled and responded to everything I said...then she woke up fully and realized that I was on the phone and she looked a bit confused..."Oh!!! I thought you were talking to me.." hahahaha.....that generally happens to me- because when she calls someone she just goes right into conversation, and I figure she's going into conversation wtih me...usually she doesn't correct me, and just laughs when I realize that I am, in fact, an idiot.

Gee I missed her.

Math and Sociology this morning were very difficult to get to, because 1- they are at the crack of dawn (8&9) and 2- I had to tread through arctic conditions to make it to class. Sweatshirts and jeans aren't cutting it, people. But I have no other choice. I suppose later when I go work out (!!!!) I will have to *shudder* bring a gym bag and change in the locker room.

I have an insane fear of someone stealing. my. stuff. because it has happened oh- a lot- and of course I do not have a lock- what do you take me for? Someone who has had their stuff stolen a lot? Weirdos.

Anyway that is all for now...I took a really ridiculously long nap, and now I have to venture into the frigid outdoors to second floor Rusk building, and see what I can do about getting the itself out of here.

*Lacey Jane*
"Shut the hell up! The movie is on! Make me a sandwich! Bring it to me!"
-Sam...the guy we rode home with. he was funny.

when i say rode home, I mean- I drove, laura rode shotgun, and he curled up in his backseat and watched one of my movies.
we were definitely a lez couple with our son.

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