Thursday, November 15, 2007

Because I adore board games, duh

Definitely at a game night at a neighbors room...The Midgets, Ashley and Lauren. Ashley is at work, but Fara and Kayla and Cortney are here too. They are allll SO SHORT. So I suppose I cannot call them the midgets- because I am the only tall one. We're having funnn...we just played Balderdash...One of my vair fave games. I won!! Yess!! We're about to play Cranium...funnnnnn stuff..

29 days until Christmas break! YESS! I will just be working. A lot. Probably more than a lot, actually. I have to go to the office and inform them on my decision to NOT BE HERE next semester....which office? Registrar? Probably. I will have to find it. There are so many buildings...
Hope everyone is having a good to PWN Cranium. YESSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!

*Lacey Smith*
"Are you working on homework?""OH no. It is xanga. duh."
-Jacob and I just now (when did he get here??)

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