Sunday, November 18, 2007

Being Stupid With Roommate at 4:45 am...

Roommate and I were out last night until 4am because we're cool like that. It was very rainy and icky outside last night. We get home and take nice hot showers before getting into our cozy beds and settling down to (quickly) fall asleep to the movie "Talledega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby"....we fall into lovely, deep sleeps around 4:30.

At 4:45, we both wake up with a start. There is a really loud obnoxious noise blearing into our minds. I grab the remote as we both glare at our seemingly possessed television. I turn it off. The noise continues!!?? So I turn it back on and then off- trying again. At this point, we both realize that it is the fire alarm that we are hearing, and not the tv like we previously thought. We roll out of bed and head downstairs.
In boxers and t shirts.
In the rain.
and it is cold.
Cold cold cold.
and our hair is still wet from our showers.
So we stand across the parking lot where we're supposed to.
In a large puddle.
Huddled close to each other trying to stay warm.
When we realize how stupid we are for 1- not putting SHOES on, and 2- thinking it was the tv that was being obnoxiously loud.
20 minutes later- we are back in our dorm, realizing just how disgusting the floors (especially the stairs) are. We grab our flip flops and head BACK to the showers because EW EW EW we have Syphilis and Herpes and gonorrhea and other STD's that haven't even been discovered yet (all retrieved through our feet..duh).
By 5:15, we're back in bed- pissed off, but STD-free!
we wake up around 1230 and laugh again at our stupidity.

I sure am going to miss her.

*Lacey Jane*
"LACEY HOLD ME I'M COLD!"*hold. shiver shiver.*
it wasn't a fire drill...someone left something on that smoked and set off the fire alarm. how very awesome.

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