Thursday, November 8, 2007

It is true. I am in Sugar Land

Thanks Heather :o) Yes, sorry Cristina, love, but I am in Sugar Land to spend my 4 day weekend (I love when Friday classes are cancelled!!!) with my beloved boyfriend and his loving family.lovelovelovelovelove. A lot of that. Obviously. I got here last night at about 6:30. I was supposed to get here at 4, but the guy who gave me a ride never ever lets that happen. Instead we get lost. Or we run out of gas and he thinks it would take less time to go to his house first. I assure you, audience, it wouldn't. This results in me being grumpy- but pretending to be happy- because I only gave him 4 dollars for gas money... and generally- That's not very much.Elliott is at work now..So I am off to raid his fridge and play with his dogs. He currently has four of them...two puppies left from a litter of 6, and the parent-doggies. *Lacey Jane*"prrrrrrrrrrrrr"-Dr. CoCo Nutt, who cuddled with me (on top of me) for well over an hour this morning- resulting in me REALLY NEEDING TO PEE- but not really wanting to move...because really she's so sweet when she's sleeping.

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