Friday, November 2, 2007

Last minute post from AUSTIN!!!

Hello Lovaaahs!!I blog to you from lovely Austin, TX!!! I love Austinnn!! I am here visiting my BEST FRIENDDDD EVER!!! I know people say that a lot- but really...we've been best friends for 16 years, and I really cannot see our friendship this will be a quickie, but sometimes quickies are best.The Costume Contest::Everyone. Voted. For. Me. Bald Britney.But then the cops came and busted the party before we could really officially have the Announcements and whatnot. But I assure you, Xangaland- I won. Out of 400 people. So there.Also- getting around on Halloween went a little something like this:::I get dressed and go downstairs.I go outside and the 5-6 guys sitting out there fall silent (how often do bald chicks walk out of Hall 14???)."What's going on tonight and when are we leaving?""um..We're going to the A Frame if you want to go with us""Great. I'll be ready in 10 minutes."hahahahhaso we get to the A Frame.I find a DD named Patrick."let me know before you leave. I want to go with you."and I do. When the cops came.We head to Whataburger.I find another group of people."who's sober?"*someone raises their hand*"can I have a ride to Hall 14 when you're ready to leave?"*nod*great.Riding with strangers all night:: Dangerous, but essential in this case. And hey- I'm good.*Lacey Jane*"ernieweighs....(6 pounds?)"-An inside joke from when we were um...8? maybe?

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