Wednesday, November 7, 2007

New Southpark nights are my fave

...and that makes me sad...but in a happy...happy way. Yesss!! New South Park!! Hahaha it is already hilarious..

whew....ANYWAY- YES I did go work out today. For a long time.

And then I came back and had a bowl of cereal.

HEALTHY SMART START ANTIOXIDANT CEREAL!! And later- Roommate and I may or may not do lunges and other terrible, scary things that I will not mention.
Won't lie kids. It was cold today. Very cold. Brrr..I would tell you the temperature- but I don't have my wonderful laptop anymore. It is temporarily dead. So I guess we could say it is in a coma. But then I feel bad saying that, becuase that is like me calling someone in a coma "temporarily dead" and that just sounds awful.
Yes- I did make a reference to my laptop as being a person...because, well, to me? It so is.

HAHAHhahahahahHAHhahah oh Southpark...your hilarity distracts me so...

Roommate went to the movies tonight. I miss her so. She needs to get back soon and tell me to stop eating. And then ask for crackers. Last night we shared a shameful ritz-crackers moment.
This entry is so pointless. I can't help it...Southpark has me all entranced and stuff.
Oh but hey! Elliott says he will have a new video up on YouTube soon...He hasn't had a new one in awhile. Maybe I will link you. If I like it. And then everyone can see my boyfriend in all his wisdomosity(ish)(maybe).

Really I love you all- I just cannot multitask when something so worthwhile (Southpark) is on something so wonderful (the tv*)
*Lacey Jane*
" out for that bug.."*nod*-Laura and I. Today. What a pal.
*I would just like to say that during the summer I watched a collective 4 hours of television. I would even say it was less than that- but just in case I am er...rounding up. But somehow here at school I watch a LOT. MORE. TV. It is cheap, and a nice distraction from homework**.

**I have a psych paper due tomorrow that I am about halfway done with...but xanga calls...

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