Wednesday, November 14, 2007

On Friday, Ruth (my sister Callie's friend who happens to be a grad student here) and I will be singing at Starbucks on North St. :o) I am excited. She taught me a song that she wrote. I think it so so so awesome to be able to write songs...Ruth doesn't read music and basically picked up a guitar and decided to learn some chords. And she can play and sing at the same time. That always really impresses me because people don't realize how difficult it is. So I was really impressed with her and she was really impressed with me because I picked up on harmonies and learned the song quickly. It was really fun to just sit there and sing.

On a completely entirely different note- have y'all ever heard of Jodi Picoult? Elliotts sister, Allison, highly recommended her to me and she let me borrow 3 of her 10000 Jodi books. I read "19 Minutes" on Sunday, "The Pact" on Monday and Tuesday, and "The Tenth Circle" today. Really really good books. The first two are terribly sad and I warn you that if you have any resemblance of a soul (oxymoron? Resemblance of a soul?) you will most likely cry your eyes out.* They are all crimes that need to be solved...They are almost mystery books, but they are also really dramatic...stuff that you don't want to read about, but once you start for some reason you don't stop because you have to know the outcome (A Boy Called It, anyone?).

Allison also let me borrow a book called "Something Borrowed"...all these chickbooks are going to make me soft (hahahah because I am a hardass, duh)...but I forgot how much I like to pour myself so far into books that it makes me forget everything that is going on around me. I have to take a break from Jodi Picoult until I can borrow more books from Allison...after 3-4 days of reading strictly her novels I am noticing her favorite phrases ("shaking like a leaf" being one of them) and how funny it is that so much personality can be put into books. Had none of the books had her name on them and I read a couple other books of the same genre as these- I probably still could have picked out these three as being written by the same person. For some reason I found this interesting... I don't think I have really noticed that before with any other writer. I guess it doesn't hurt that in a couple of the books she used the same town or the same defense

Anyway, thought I would throw that out to internetland.

*Lacey Jane*
"Roommates computer doesn't automatically spell check my xanga like my computer did. No wonder she can't spell."
-me. in my head. just now.

...and then I spell checked it. Other than the proper names and the words "y'all," "hardass," "chickbooks," and "internetland"- I spelled everything correctly. YES!

*this will definitely be true if you are a- a menstruating woman or b- depressed at all during the time of reading

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