Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Roommate and I watch Arthur on a routine basis. Go ahead. Laugh.

Basically my family made me angry. I know that this happens a lot with most people. It is not a usual thing with me. I usually get along pretty well- more than average I would believe- with my entire family. Three out of four of the people that live in my house right now severely angered me in the last few days. Only my dad is excluded from this. I will not go into much detail no matter how much I want to, because even though I blocked her account- I know my mom can still read this, and I don't know who else in my family still reads this, and who wants to cause more drama??

I was going to go home this weekend. But I probably won't now. I will go home for Thanksgiving break, and work as much as I can. I will come back to school and finish the couple weeks left before the semester is finally over. I have been searching for internships for next semester, but have found none that I can do, because I don't have a car. I will figure next semester out. I need about 10 more credit hours to be a junior, so even if I just take 10 hours next semester at some community college and get a job somewhere close to wherever I will be living, I won't be behind in school and maybe I can save enough money to buy a car and go to St. Thomas or some other small-school-big-city combo.
I will do my best to work hard when I am in school and save up money, and maybe I won't have to move back home again. This is all pretty unlikely- because saving up money to buy a decent car is virtually impossible. Guess we'll see what happens.
*Lacey Jane*

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