Saturday, November 3, 2007

Short N Sweet

Greetings everyone-Hope all is well in lives everywhere in Xangaland on this beautiful Saturday. It is beautiful here anyway- I don't know about where you are. I am writing to you after playing scrabble with Heather. I love that game. Probably a lot. No- definitely. Yes. Definitely a lot. We have lots of fun things planned for tonight! It should be exciting. Today we wandered around Wal*Mart and then ate sandwiches. She's showering right now and then I am going to curl her hair and we are going to do girly things. Then it will be Saturday Night. And if you don't know what happens on most Saturday nights when you're in college- then you, my good friend, can go ahead and use your imagination. I hope everyone is having a lovely weekend!! More interesting blogs to come, I'm sure.*Lacey Jane*"We're so alike.""And yet......unbelievably different.""oh GOD yes."-Heather and I

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