Sunday, November 11, 2007

This Weekend Was Great- And Then...

Elliott and I did indeed go help his friend move in (elliott and rick emptied the uhaul while Britney and I er...sat in the driveway...). It was so much fun and I am really glad we went (even though Rick moved to China- or somewhere else equally far away..).

Coming back to Nac, or even going home from Elliott's house is always really hard for me. I hate doing this long-distance. It is no good, people. But at the same time- I know I just have to be patient and things will work out. We don't really fight that much- it's just difficult to do this. I don't think a lot of people understand our relationship, and I think I complain a lot about it I guess- but I really shouldn't, because honestly- I am so happy when I actually get to be with him- and so sad when I have to leave

Off to mope and take a shower and throw myself the grandest of pity parties. Roommate isn't home from Dallas yet- but when she gets here- my pity party will have to turn into HER BIRTHDAY PARTY!! Because she's finally 19 TODAY and I am glad I get to see her and hug her on her Birthday So Happy Birthday Roommate!! (but not yet. because remember- i have to mope and be pathetic).

*Lacey Jane*
"Heather! Look at me!"
(heather and i look at each other and smile and wait)
her Macbook: 3-2-1
(I grab her and kiss her smack on the lips)
her Macbook: CLICK
result: hilarious photo of me molesting heather (who looks vair surprised)
annie is not amused. at all. but I DONT CARE.

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