Tuesday, November 6, 2007

You should be proud of me!!!!!!!!!!! And then very...very ashamed

Last night, I did indeed go work out. Hoorah! Tonight as well- for longer than normal. So I hurt. I hurt so good...And then I had a bowl of cereal. Cranberry Almond Crunch. I believe I have blogged about it before and how much I adore it. I still do. Adore it. A lot. Mmmm.
Today was uneventful. Classes and lunch with roommate and walk with roommate and such. It is always amusing walking with her. It is almost like walking with Aja, but Roommate is just a TAD bit shorter, and for some reason, that tad bit seems like sooo much of a difference. I feel like an amazon woman named GRAUGG, stomping along with my midget pal, Skippy*. But it's amusing and fun.

Oh- and today, we were on our way to dinner. Me on the right and her on the left. DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF ME we spot a HUGE TERRIFYING BUG (I think it was a grasshopper?). It wanted to pounce on me and tear off my face with its razor-sharp claws..
In a fit of insane FEAR- I GRAB Roommate (or...Skippy*..) and attempt to THROW HER into the PATH OF TEH MON5TORR!!! Surprisingly, with strength I didn't know she possessed, she stood her ground, and I snapped out of it. Then we laughed. A lot. And she was offended, and I was sorry, but it really was funny. She even saw it first, and pointed it out in order to save me from stepping on it, or just to keep me aware that it was there. How do I thank her? I try to kill her. This place does wacky things to my brain.
Oh man.

Is it really only Tuesday?

*Lacey Jane*
"I'm never going to forget that you know."
sorry roomie...
*Roomate isn't, nor will she ever be (uness under the influence of alcohol or under the impression that she may soon get Jack In The Box) Skippy. But it sounded like a shortish name.

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