Friday, January 11, 2008

10 Hour Days= no fun= more money

Funny how that works...

Today was...long. Very long. Tomorrow I am off, and looking forward to sleeping in... Unless I can't get a ride to the show, and therefore have to get up a little early to go with Cristina. Hopefully I can find a ride. Sleeping in sounds nice... it will be the last day to sleep in for awhile. Work on Sunday at 8am, and school starts Monday! I am taking Acting, Government, and Computer Science.

Working in a restaurant kind of sucks because I am always hungry when I am working. Always. Or thirsty. It's lame. I am a hostess right now, but working on learning the menu to be a server. I should know it pretty soon... It is HUGE but I have been working on it for hours a day during training.

I am boring myself. Nothing exciting in my life=nothing exciting in my blog.

Sorry loyal reader(s).

*Lacey Jane*

"you're really funny. please stay at the host stand."
-the highschool hostess girls i work with. Leah, Danielle, and Amanda. They're really cute!

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