Thursday, January 3, 2008

Because That's Just My Life...

My computer cord is being LAME as in it is NOT. WORKING. Which is LAME. And I HATE it. And I am ALMOST OUT OF BATTERIES BECAUSE OF IT. VERY. RIDICULOUS.

Basically I spent all day at Heathers' house with Heather. We played Scrabble and she won by 3 points, we ate disgusting food that makes me hate myself, we played Scattergories with Jess and her Boyfriend, and I pwn'd... All in all a good day.

If I have not already- I would like to take this time to mention my love for the movie "Enchanted" because well, let's face it, I L O V E that movie!!!

I almost started typing politics, but I will decide to save that until absolutely necessary.

I miss my Kansas friends a lot lately. More and more every millisecond of my life. I don't know what I will do with Heather leaves for school. Probably implode. Or something equally disgusting.

*sigh*...The Pig Farmer Lady on Deal or No Deal just won .01 cent. That is very very very sad. I feel terrible for her. It hurts my soul a little.

Blogging every day is going to be awful if it is always like this. I think (like Cristina) I will make a blogging schedule so not all of them are this one..haha

soooo let's see..

Sunday: 6 Word Sunday--- Mine will not be so artistic...They will most likely be vair lame. But I will try for it anyhow...

Monday: Recap of the Weekend!

Tuesday: Truly Terrific Tuesday (as in... an ALL POSITIVE POST)

Wednesday: Why oh Why Wednesday...where I rant and feel sorry for myself and hate the world.

Thursday: Thankful Thursday. Just like Cristina.

Friday: Fickle in...who knows what I'll write about...

Saturday: Stanzas Saturday- where I compose a stanza of a poem that will only be complete at the end of the year. So it would be a really really...really long poem. and you will love it. Honest.

So there we have it. I bet this lasts all year ( won't...but we'll see)

So- with no further hindrances...

Thankful Thursday
Heather. She's vair awesome. And her assbone is brokenish.
Scattergories. I am loving this game.
Job interview tomorrow! Let's all hope that goes well.
Blog comments (hint hint hint hint hint!!)
Stealing stuff like this from Cristina...Gotta love Cristina.
Being a Bridesmaid in April. That's pretty cool.

*Lacey Jane*

"Well do you wear her favorite color just so you can match her eyes?"
-line from a song from Enchanted...really just the sweetest movie...ever.

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