Thursday, January 3, 2008

Hey No- This Still Counts!!

Even though it is 115 am- this will still count for my Wednesday post because um- hello? I am in college and this is a normal time of day for me to be awake and blogging.

Tonight my blog will be a movie review for the movie Juno- because well, I have seen it twice now, after tonight.

Two words. Love it. Love the music, love the acting, love the name "Liberty Bell", love the outcome, love the lingo- however far they might have taken it...

If you haven't seen this movie- just go. Go see it right now. Thanks. Enjoy it. Appreciate it. Open your mind a bit.

Interview on Friday for the Hilton in Southlake.
Doctors appointment Monday because I cannot seem to shake this cold.
Anything else in my life that is important enough to blog about?
Not really.
My heart hurts.
But I love Heather. And we rollerblade, and she falls flat on her badonka. It wasn't specifically to make me laugh- but she sure knows how to make me laugh.
But you aren't allowed to laugh because really she might have seriously injured herself...x-rays to follow.

*Lacey Jane*

Instead of a quote I give a shoutout to Roommate...wherever she may be...Hope she knows how much I love and miss her!

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