Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I'm Alive, Xangaland....

All computers in my household are without chargers. They all broke. Because that's our life, I suppose.

Needless to say, this has been an interesting weekend/week full of sorrow as well as happiness.

Bad news first?

I have a neighbor who has cancer throughout her body. She was admitted to the hospital on Saturday morning and released last night. Basically her cancer has spread even worse than we figured, and we're lucky if she's with us for another few months. I hung out with her 12 and 14 year old a couple times this weekend and it amazes me how strong they are, when just looking at them makes me want to burst into tears (which I save for when they aren't around). I have known this woman for a bit over 10 years, and I respect and love her just as I respect and love my own mother, because she helped raise me. This neighborhood is blessed to be so close, and we're losing a part of our family. It has been a stressful and trying time, and really, all we can do is pray.

Good News!

Hey! I got cast in "Some Girls" as Tyler. This is exciting! I haven't done a play in a VERY. LONG. TIME. It surprised me to get cast because I feel so out-of-shape when it comes to acting, and tons of girls auditioned for this part. It was the fave. I believe it runs March 5-8 at TCC... I will have more info later- but everyone must come see it. Thankksss..

*Lacey Jane*

"Tater Tot Casserole!!! YUMMO! My FAVE!"
-Cecilia...the character my sister and I are constantly "fine-tuning"

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