Wednesday, January 30, 2008

In Computer Science Class Right Now...

Andddd I'm rather bored. Right now we are doing labs. Tutorial 1 consists of going on a Word program and typing. your. name.

... Or something equally lame. This is very very boring, but very very easy- so I am not (really) complaining.

Update on the neighbor:

Her lungs are stronger and she will be receiving another treatment tomorrow! So that's really good news- but if you're a praying person, keep her and her fam in your prayers if you feel like it.

Update on the show:

I have to have my lines memorized by the FIRST REHEARSAL. BEFORE BLOCKING! That is going to be strange. I would say I am 75% memorized already- but it has been rough. Also repetitive. Also difficult. But worth it if I can actually have it DOWN by Tuesday.

Update on life:

Life. Hhahahahahhaha. Oh my life.

*Lacey Jane*

-my whole class. because this is ridiculous.

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