Monday, January 14, 2008

Too Tired To Blog, But....

This weekend was lovely. On Friday I worked, nothing spectacular to report about work, except I am looking for another (better paying) job. Note: I will ALWAYS be looking for another (better paying) job.
I had Saturday off! I joined a lovely Cristina to see John, Pam and Lindsey's show, The Goodbye Girl. The best part of the show was seeing John, Pam, and Lindsey afterwards . The show itself would have been good- but I didn't particularly enjoy the leading lady, or her daughter...who was her real life daughter as well. Wonder how she got that role?

Afterwards, Cristinas' Freddy cooked a wonderful spectacular delicious dinner, and we ate whilst watching Legally Blonde 2. Cuteee movie, I love Reese Witherspoon, although her name bothers me a little bit.

Then Cristina forced me to eat the remainder of the cake in her fridge. Forced me. Against my will. That tart! It was a lovely evening, most definitely.

Sunday I worked 8-4 (see below), and then went out to dinner with Callie. We had to leave in a slightly embarrassed state because we had each other laughing so hard that people probably thought we were baked. It was really fun though. We came home and took a nap and watched movies.

Today I went to the doctor. Got there at 4:13, and didn't get to leave until 6:30. Really awesome, Dr. K. It went well. I have sinus issues. Who doesn't?

There. This entry officially wins the Most Boring Entry Ever Award.

*Lacey Jane*

Sound Advice From Dad:

"You can't have sex or heroine 'til you're married."

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