Friday, March 7, 2008

Copy and Pasted from Dave's Myspace Bulletin...This Kid Has Some Good Points...

Can anyone possibly tell me...

Why I should be forced to pay hundreds of dollars a month for everyones healthcare even if i cant afford it? sure poor people cant afford health insurance, neither can my family really, so should we be forced to pay for it?

Maybe could someone tell me what we are doing borrowing money from china and giving it to terrorists in the name of fighting terrorism? what are we doing opressing the middle east while we spew some silly message of "freedom" spending billions we dont have to keep the military in nearly every country when we cant even defend our own borders?

how about can you tell me why a ban on guns would work any better than (illegal) the ban on drugs? in what way would it take guns away from all the criminals who buy them on the fucking black market anyways?

how, how can americans accept the United Nations and allow them to try and govern us? to tell us what to do?

can anyone tell me why you would hand over all your freedom in the name of safety? why would you vote so that the LAZY could be awarded for their laziness while the hard working are punished for their work? please try and argue that one with me...please

how could anyone vote future generations into debt? thats all it is, all these bullshit wars and illegal taxes....

whatever happened to liberty you silly fucks?

From Wikipedia:
Totalitarianism is state regulation of nearly every aspect of public and private behavior. Totalitarian regimes or movements maintain themself in political power by means of secret police, propaganda disseminated through the state-controlled mass media, personality cults, regulation and restriction of free discussion and criticism, single-party states, the use of mass surveillance, and widespread use of terror tactics.

its what we are very quickly heading to, Socialist Totalitarianism.

sound good to anyone? does anyone have a mind any more? free will?
why should we pay the government to give us anything when they have already proven time and time again that it will end up costing us more and what we get will just be shit.

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