Friday, March 14, 2008

Not Much Time To Write- But While It's Fresh On My Mind-----

Look people, I am not perfect or anywhere near it. This post might sound stuck-up, or like I think I am better than others- but quite frankly I don't know how to say it without sounding like I think I am better- so here it is.

Six people showed up to acting class today. Six. Out of 13. That. Is. Ridiculous. A paper was due today on "Some Girls"- the play that I was just in. A simple, casual, 2-3 page paper. A review. Only four papers were turned in. FOUR. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT!?

Hector: Well you know, it IS paper day. You know how people act on paper day...
Me (slightly miffed): No Hector. I apparently do NOT know how people act on paper day. In any other college I have been to (the know...two colleges), people COME TO SCHOOL ON PAPER DAY AND THEY TURN IN THEIR PAPERS BECAUSE THEY GIVE A DAMN ABOUT THEIR EDUCATION!
Everyone: **Turns and stares at the crazy lady**

For some reason, it completely bothered me today that I am surrounded by people that simply do not care. I am a firm believer that if you're in a room with 20 sad people, you will eventually be sad too, because emotions are like energy forces that reach out and choke whoever is near them. Being around so many people that do not care about their education to the extent that they cannot write a simple 2-3 page paper scared me to death. I have been so apathetic- even negative- lately and I haven't really had a good reason for it.
I need to start surrounding myself with people who care. Happy people who care about their lives and where their lives are heading. TCC is a complete black hole of depression and apathy, and it is starting to really grate on my nerves.
I even read a couple of the papers that were turned in (because I rock like that and I peeked..), and all I could think of was HOW DID THESE PEOPLE MAKE IT THROUGH THE 6TH GRADE!?... When did YOU learn that proper nouns should be capitalized? Because I am pretty sure I could recite THAT RULE by the time I turned SEVEN. I cannot handle this. I am so glad that there are only a couple months left in this semester.

On Another Note:

I am so happy to say that tomorrow I will be attending a wedding. A wonderful, beautiful occasion, filled with love, joy, and (at least two) genuinely happy people. I cannot be more excited for the couple!! This will be the first wedding I go to in a couple years where I won't be placing (and winning) bets on "how long they will last." There is just no need. Congratulations Cristina and Freddy- you two are amazing people, wonderful together- and I wish you all the best.

*Lacey Jane*
"I thought that bobby did a pretty good job. I would like to think that I related to her in some cases because she was pretty strong and for the most part I think I am strong and also there was this guy in highschool and he reminded me of who the guy in the play was like and I think that bobby and I could relate"

....seriously?!?!??!?!?!? I know that I make TONS of grammatical errors- ALL THE TIME- but SERIOUSLY!?!??!?!

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