Saturday, April 12, 2008

When I Was 19

I continued a long distance relationship with my boyfriend who was 4 hours away, and visited him as often as I could. I met and fell completely in love with his amazing family, and became part of it. I transferred to a school that I thought could give me more opportunities than the one I had loved my freshman year. My boyfriend was also supposed to transfer but didn't make it. This hurt and made it very difficult to be happy. We continued dating until December, and we broke up. I still miss him every day, and his family almost more. I transferred yet again the following semester. I went home and to a community college. I fell into a state of depression that I am trying to dig myself out of even now. I am moving forward and doing well, but it is difficult to be positive. I formed a more distinct plan for my life. Still hazy, but still more distinct. I haven't been proud of myself in way too long. I dyed my hair for the first time ever, and cannot wait for it to be back to blonde. 19 was a very very difficult year.

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