Sunday, May 11, 2008

Dear Mom,

I know I usually handwrite all my letters to you, but I figured this time I would go ahead and do it on the internet for all to see- because I have NO PERSONAL LIFE WHATSOEVER.
Basically, Mom- For someone who wanted no kids (and ended up with 6), you really did one hell of a job.

You've always been the kind of mom that other moms are jealous (and slightly scared) of. When we were kids you did a really great job of always being our mother and not our friend- yet you were friendly- so it may of come off that way. Doesn't matter. You were great. You were crazy. You were unfailingly honest. And you continue to be all of these things to this day.

We've all had so many opportunities in our lives that you have always encouraged us to take. That is why the majority of your kids are world travelers. It is because of your support, and all that you taught us.
You taught us to work hard,

play hard,

and be safe.

er... Take risks...

But most importantly- you taught us how to love. We love ourselves because you loved us first- and no matter what we do in our lives- you know that we always have you to thank for the unending supply of love that you have given us. Along with that love, you have taught us how to be dependant on ourselves, and not anyone else. I am not the kind of girl who needs to rely on a guy for anything, and neither is Annie.

You've showed us that doing that doesn't always work out, and we need to rely on ourselves to take care of ourselves. This is an important lesson that many girls don't get. It really pays off to have a badass mom who works harder than anyone you know.

You helped us grow up to be independant, successful adults- and eventually, that's just what we all will be. And we all owe so much to you because of that. You did such a spectacular job. I cannot tell you how many adults I have conversed with that have stopped me to tell me that my mother must be a really special lady. I tell them that you definitely are, and they probably know you- because you're Patty Smith (Rockstar), and you know everybody.

I love that my friends want to hang out with you. You've never been afraid to tell them what their parents are afraid to tell them. You always have some form of tough-love advice to give, and almost everyone really appreciates it. People need to hear it- and you're just the person to tell them. Everyone loves you- and for someone who didn't like kids- they sure like hanging out with you..

I know this letter isn't very formal or in any sort of feasable order- but it is really difficult to tell you how much I love and appreciate everything you've done throughout your life. You weren't perfect- but you didn't pretend to be. You've always been so real- and it is something that lots of moms aren't.
I love that you played with us. That you laughed at us. That you embarrassed the ever-living-SHIT out of us. That when you went to lala land you did whatever it took to come back to us. That you can see the bigger picture. That you can't remember the words to any song. That I was rasied listening to Prince, Madonna, Ace of Base, Queen, Aerosmith, The Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, and any song that you felt like making up at the moment. That you try to be in with the in crowd, and sometimes succeed. That you try on swimsuits in department stores and then loudly declare that you need to BACK AWAY FROM THE CHEESEBURGERS. That you have accepted every single deliquent child, or person without a place to live into your life and your home with open arms. That you've helped more people than I can imagine. That you are so strong, smart, and generally happy- even though so many terrible things have happened to you. I love that you taught us to have a great sense of humor. That it's okay to laugh at ourselves and have fun even when no one else is. That money is a big issue- but don't let it hold us back from acheiving our goals, and going to school. I love that you're so loud that I can overhear every conversation you have. That you sing horribly, but at least you sing. All the time. That you can't dance- but you try. That you've had, and continue having a fun life with us, even though sometimes it is really difficult. You're the best mom I've ever known. You've done a better job than anyone I can think of. You're insane- but it has helped you. You're a good role model because everyone you meet loves you immediately. I really cannot thank you enough for everything. I will strive to become half as successful as you are. And if my kids are anything close to as awesome as Doug, Annie, Dave and I are, then I will consider myself a great mom, too.

Lots of love, from your second favorite child *(and first favorite daughter)*

-Janice (laceyjane) (you also call me lucy, boobs, laylay, annlacey, or really just whatever name comes out..)

Happy Mothers Day :o)

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