Monday, June 9, 2008

I Promise I'm Not Dead...

I have just felt as such the last couple weeks...

After sitting here for a few minutes trying to decide exactly what to delve into, I have decided to veer away from my personal life for a bit because I really do not have the time nor the patience to actually type out what has been going on. Just know that it is pretty much figured out. Ish.

And on to bigger and better news! I am a real person now. Or at least I feel more like a real person. I have a car (name to be determined) and a job.

Go ahead and ask me what I do for a living. I'll give you a second to get it out.


I'm a teacher. I know. Rock on.

Go ahead. Ask me what I teach. Just ask.


I work at a daycare. And a few times a week, I teach the schoolage kids how to ACT. Sweet. And we're doing a show at the end of the summer. That I have to write. And direct. And everything. And so basically that's my dream job. Right there. So I am major-hella-excited-to-the-extreme. I know. It's that exciting.

As for my car, yes. Yes. It is older than I am. But it is a bmw- and Sometimes It Just Feels Cool To Say I Have A BMW.

...I'm still learning how to drive it. I haven't killed it yet- but downshifting will be a problem. I'm a big fan of neutral though. Woooooo neutral!

See? Poor update, but really, all the good news is here! OH! OH! Also! I got accepted to UNT. I wasn't worried about it, really- but it was nice to get the letter. I have orientation on Friday.

....ALSO! ALSO! I am getting paid to be in Reefer Madness and BatBoy this summer at OhLook! In Grapevine. This is also mondo exciting, as I have never gotten paid to be in a show before! And I got a really nice e-mail from the director telling me that she is kicking herself for precasting all the leads. Which is so nice to hear! Validation=my friend. So I am chorus in Reefer Madness which should still be SO fun because that show is hilarious and awesome- and in BatBoy I have a couple roles. Ruthie Taylor and Ned. Crossdressing is always fun. I love comedies. Please come see them. More information to follow of course...

Okay I think that is all for now. I am off to attempt driving a 5 speed once again. Wish me luck (and stay off the roads...)!!!

*Lacey Jane*

"I feel like I've been gaining a lot of weight lately."
"You're a fat bitch."
"hahahaha...did I just say that?"
"yes mom."

hahahaha.....oh mom.

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