Monday, June 16, 2008

Proof That I Need More Sleep....

Dear Registrar,

Please forgive the bluntness at which I write this e-mail, it has been a long day, and I am writing blindly because "registrar" doesn't give me much to work with :o).

Basically, I came up for orientation on the 13th. All in all? A grand day. Met some people, walked around to get a feel of the campus. Got good vibes all around. This is my fourth school. I should hopefully kind of sort of know what I am doing. I talked to an adviser who was incredibly helpful and we got a schedule all set up. I asked her if I could go home and register there, and she said she wouldn't advise it (ha), but I COULD if I wanted to. Well. I wanted to. And so I did. Today. After talking over my schedule with a few (trillion) different people (or just my parents and my boss), we all agreed that it was awesome, and I should register with those exact classes. Lo and behold, I go to register, and voila- the adviser was so correct. It says there are holds on my account. Uh oh. What should I do? Here- have all my personal information. Registrar, is it? I feel as though we are very close. On a first name (or...title) basis at least. My student account number is 105----- and my name is (Janice) Lacey Jane S----. I go by Lacey Jane (wouldn't you?). Have a splendid week, and thanks for your help which I predict you will give me. I appreciate it ever so much, and I hope you read this e-mail in the lighthearted spirit in which it was written :o)


(hahaha...get it? student...registrar....gee I'm funny sometimes.)

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