Monday, July 21, 2008


The holy kind. Holy shenanigans. Has it truly been so long since I last posted?! It has. I know it has. That question was redundant. My apologies.

So. The reasoning behind the lack of posting is pretty lame. I've been busy. There I said it. If my laptop's motherboard didn't blow I probably would be posting THROUGH the business, however I have to walk the 8-12 feet into the next room to get on the computer, and that journey seems worthless compared to what I used to have to do. Lay in bed and compute. Those were the days.

Things have been going fairly well. I learned how to drive my car recently, which was nice. We opened Reefer Madness, sold out every show, extended it a weekend, and then closed it. We opened Carrie: The Musical, got ratted out by Betty Buckley (who found out from a friend who is a teacher of a girl in the show) to the writer of the show, who called (from New York!) and shut down the run, because apparently we didn't have the rights. Awesome. So we rewrote a parody of Carrie: The Musical, titled it Telekineses! The Musical, and largely improv'd ourselves through our Saturday performance. It was a hit. Standing ovation. SWELL! It really was about 89% improv. All the songs were different, and many of the scenes were different. Instead of Carrie White, we had Fairy Bright. She wore wings and such. It was HILARIOUS. We will continue this show next weekend, and then Batboy (a GREAT musical) opens the 31 of this month. That's THREE musicals I've opened or will open in ONE MONTH. That's a new record for me. Kind of like this obnoxiously long paragraph.

Other than that, I have been slowly but surely hating my workplace more and more as each second ticks by. The kids? Amazing. I love them. I want to put them in a blender and drink their cuteness through a straw. I cannot help but love even the most annoying ones (and trust me there are some DOOZIES). It is the management though, that I cannot stand. Their disorganization. Their lies. Their calling-me-at-8am-after-TWO-LATE-SHOWS-and-asking-me-
to-come-in-2-hours-early....NOT OKAY. I say "their" but what I really mean is just the owner. She recently hired a new manager type lady though who has her potential at being organized. My bet is the place really gets going AS SOON AS I HAVE TO LEAVE FOR COLLEGE. Til then I will endure my job that pays less than I would get paid flipping burgers at Jack in the Box (which I would never do...), because my Lord. Have I told you about the kids? And their cuteness!?

Damn it. I didn't want to do this. I did not want to go into a story from Preschool.

Today though...I had pre-k (4's and 5's) from 9:30 to 3:45. And oh my are they hilarious. There were 15 of them today, and out of NOWHERE they struck up a conversation on who they were going to marry. It went a little something like this:
*names of children have notactually been changed for legal purposes

Keeley: I'm going to marry Baby Tyler! *(an 8 month old, son of one of the teachers. ADORABLE)
Skye: I'm going to marry CHRISTIAN! (I have no idea who that is)
Amanda: I'm going to marry KAYA! (a fellow female, a fellow classmate)
Amanda: Miss Lacey. Do I have to marry a boy? (keep in mind this is a private christian daycare)
Me: Nope! You can go to California now and marry a girl if you want to! (keep in mind I don't care and it is rare that I lie to my students)
Amanda: HA! I'm going to marry Kaya! (glare from Kaya)
Kaya: well I'M going to marry my cousin Matty! (as if this is actually better than marrying a girl)
Nicole: (my FAVORITE pre k babygirl) Miss Lacey? I'm going to marry my daddy. (she's one of the youngest in the class, and one of the SWEETEST and CUTEST. Constantly showing me how tall she has gotten since the last time I saw her)
Me: Micah who are you going to marry?
Micah: NO ONE. EVER.
Me: good for you Micah. How about you Quincy (a girl with a twin brother, Kade)
Quincy: I'm going to marry Kade.

I really could go on because I got input from all 15 of the kids, but I am sure you don't appreciate the insane cuteness as I do, because you can't put a face or the proper speech preliminaries to each name....but oh man. I love these children. I love the conversations they strike up with no help from me whatsoever.

Also today, Kade put a rock in his ear on the playground and then later on informed me about it. Actually he asked me what we were going to do about this.
"Miss Lacey? When are we going to get the rock out of my ear?"

....needless to say, his mom came and took him to the ER because that rock was lodged rather deep into his ear hole. Cool, Kade. I hope he's okay...Guess I'll find out tomorrow.

Anyway. Enough about school. Except one more thing! Since about the second milisecond I started working there, I developed a lovely hacking cough (much like many of THEIR coughs!) that I cannot seem to shake. I am sure it helps that I am up all night singing and dancing and then I go to school all day and...well...sing and dance...hah.. I was on a lot of antibiotics at one point, but after a slight mishap which I will bluntly refer to as the yeast infection from hell and beyond, I decided I would rather have a cough! And so, hack on, self.

....Now...About the boy.

Hm. Well. Yeah...we're together and it's going well and we rarely fight and we always have fun- but of course there is something wrong. I feel really lame posting about it, especially since I am really not sure who reads this anymore. Probably no one who will make fun of my emotions...and probably no one directly connected to him. Eh. So here it goes.

We've been on and off (mostly on) dating since we met. Early February. We've been really really seriously dating for err...I don't know...since May or something? Early June? I don't really keep track of those things anymore. The thing is. He doesn't love me, and I think that's weird. I can't help but love someone I have been with for more than a few months. If I didn't love him I would definitely not be wasting his time. So now I feel like he's wasting my time, because I am not going to really change let alone improve all the much in the next good amount of time or so. What's he waiting for? He told me the other night that I was a fluke and he was supposed to be alone for a long time and last year he fell hard for three girls blah blah blah. Cool. I don't really... I don't know. That sounds harsh. The thing is- screw those girls. You love them so much- go be with them. Why are you pulling me around like this? "I really care about you so much and love being with you and ........" the ...... is him trailing off and me not listening because it is all bull shit and I know it. And yet still- I push forward (or...not forward...not know..) because I really do love this guy, even if he hurts my feelings. I guess I would rather him be honest. Actually I know I would rather him be honest. Doesn't make me feel rejected any less.
As long as we're being honest, I know it isn't going to work out in the long run. So I guess I am wasting my time, just as much as he is.

On that pleasant note- Let me just inform you all that I LOVE the new Batman movie. I wanted to see it at midnight, but I had a show that ran til 1245- and Lloyd WAITED ON ME TO SEE IT, so that's nice. We saw it Friday and wow wow wow spectacular job everyone. Heath Ledger, you stole the show- why did you have to go and OD on us (us being America)? You were magnificent as the Joker.

....I realize that it is time to go to bed because I just talked to Heath Ledger, who even in death probably has better things to do than read my blog.

Really. I shouldn't wait so long because my blog posts are so long when I wait to know. It's annoying to all of you, and I don't want to annoy anyone (hahahah. Yes I do.)

Hope everyone's lives are going well. I have been fairly good about reading other people's blogs- but have definitely been neglecting giving comments...Please be a bigger person.

Have a grrrrreeeat night and a lovely week!

*Lacey Jane*

"You are such a .... no... I can't say it. It's not a true and it's a terrible insult."
"Now I want to know!"
"No I really can't. It's so gross."
"cum dumpster."

-Lloyd & I. we're very prodigious.

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