Thursday, July 31, 2008

This Is Kind Of Better...

Hello friends, family, random people! I have been so so busy with shows this summer and this is my last one! It is hilarious and spectacular and I know you want to support me in what I do- so come out and enjoy Batboy! It would really mean a lot to me. Thanks!

-Lacey Jane Smith

(ps- when it says seating is limited- it REALLY MEANS IT! Make a
reservation ASAP!)
(ps again- the show is rated somewhere between PG and PG-13. For mature content)

Performed by Ohlook's Summer Stock Company, BAT BOY: THE MUSICAL is
based on the events chronicled in The Weekly World News, BAT BOY is the
story of a half-boy/half-bat creature that is discovered hiding in a
cave near Hope Falls , West Virginia by a group of adventure seekers.
Bringing him home to the townsfolk of Hope Fall both shocks and
intrigues this sleepy community, setting the tone for this roller
coaster musical-comedy. If you like THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW you'll love

This instant cult classic will delight audiences with
its imaginative rock score and hysterical characters! The book by
Keythe Farley and Brian Flemming has transformed this headline into a
musical comedy of enormous proportions. This high octane musical is
jam-packed with great songs, palpitating rhythms and campy dialogue.
Somewhere between ROCKY HORROR and LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS, you’ll find
BAT BOY, a wacky new musical with both tongue and fang set firmly in
cheek. This off-the-wall winner blends wit, irony, and intelligence in
a feast of the imagination. Laurence O’Keefe’s upbeat score mixes rock,
Broadway, gospel, and country styles, this exuberant hit combines
ridiculous fun with compelling comedy. This show ribs the conventions
of musical theater, defies easy categorization and frequently fools
audiences’ expectations. BAT BOY: THE MUSICAL shocks and entertains at
the same time while delivering a poignant point about acceptance.


July 31 8:00
August 1 8:00
August 2 8:00

August 7 8:00
August 8 8:00
August 9 8:00

Seating is limited so call 817-421-2825 or visit to order your tickets online today!!!!!

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