Friday, August 29, 2008

Incoherent Ramblings AKA dude. I'm tired.

     So all day today my close friends (who drove in as soon as I told them I was pregnant) and I have been discussing different options. I realize I should be talking about this stuff with the father, but he has a show tonight and tomorrow afternoon, and I would rather talk about all of this afterwards when he doesn't have to worry about that stuff. So he will be here tomorrow afternoon and we will be going to Plan Parenthood to get information on WIC and other such things that we will be needing. And a blood test. To be 100.5 % sure. That was suggested to me by a few people. I am lucky to have so many friends that are so supportive. I will tell my parents next weekend I think. Or the weekend after. I know the sooner the better... But I am a bit worried. 

    Anyway. Why I decided to write this post. I feel like I am in a play right now. Any pregnancy related thing I say sounds like a line that I memorized from a play. Is that normal? It doesn't seem real. Just like a play. So strange.

                  *Lacey Jane*

 "Don't be jealous. I'm going to put in a tampon."
"your mom!" "you ARE a mom!"
-me and Heather (the Godmother)
"Can I be cute and hope for a boy?"
"Can I be cuter and pick out names?"
-me and Jamieshaie

thank you girls for dropping your lives at such short notice to come shower me with love, hugs, sympathy, jokes, and much needed support.

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