Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Brownie For Breakfast & Going Crazy

I really want to do this right and be really healthy...but this morning as I browsed my fridge, ALL I WANTED was a brownie. And I had one. Just one. And it looked at me. And I have no milk. So in all sensible lands, I should not have eaten that brownie. But I did. And it was fantastic. And I took my prenatal morning vitamin. Because the ones I have you take one in the morning and one at night, and they both taste like rancid donkey mouth. Or...How I would imagine rancid donkey mouth to taste. I have yet to truly be SICK. Which is good. I know a few people who didn't really get sick during their pregnancies. But I also know people who were sick for the majority of it. So I guess we'll see what happens in these next few weeks.
Yesterday I started bleeding more. I've been spotting lightly pretty much the whole time. But it has gotten a tiny bit heavier twice. A couple weeks ago, and yesterday. I dutifully called my doctor today and am waiting on a reply. I would really like for this to stop happening. It is very worrisome and I already have enough to worry about without having to go through the spotting. Sooo I am sitting here sending "PLEASE CALL ME BACK" vibes to Dr. O in hopes that she hears me. I have faith that she will... I have class in a couple hours, and I would really like to hear from her before then.
So, lately, I am insane. Truly. And I am sorry to all those who have gotten to witness my insanity. Anytime I am insane around girls they are perfect. They smile and they tell me everything will be fine and they are sweet and soothing and nice. Somehow they get it. Even if they don't. Guys? Not as much. Some of them know how to deal. Some do not. They cower and quiver and do their best to get away from the crazy pregnant lady. For some reason, this makes me go even more insane.
Not insane where I am mean... I just... I just cry REALLY REALLY easily. Everything makes me either cry, or want to cry. I watched Little Women last night and ended up laughing at myself at how often I burst into tears during that show. "The girls are all hugging their mother!" *cry* "The father is wounded?" *cry* "Meg wants to marry that ugly redheaded guy?" *cry* "The father is back!" *cry* "AMY gets to go to Europe?" *cry* "Jo doesn't fit in anywhere!" *cry* "Meg is pregnant!!!!????" *cry* "TWINS?!" *sob*

You get the picture. Sadly, I have seen this movie so many times over the years, I know every single facial expression. Every single line. Can hum every single song. And yet STILL. I cried. Soaked my pillow. Crazy. Insane. Lady.

Good movie though, really.


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