Thursday, September 25, 2008

I Was Wrong...

Yeah he just wants to be broken up. He doesn't even want to be with me. COOL.

*deep breath*

remember. hormonal. crazy.

*deep breath*


tejanamama said...

Sorry girl. Is that what you wanted? Does he wnat to be around? i dont know the history here. Feel like I'm missing so much of the puzzle!!! :( waaah! I'm nosey too so this is annoying! lol Were you guys together for long?

The Crivella Family said...

I too got pregnant with my first child before I was married, I wasn't in undergrad but I was in graduate school and the situation with the father seemed to have turned out differently for me, but that aside don't give up on your mom. I am assuming that this is going to be her first grandchild and she has no idea what that means for her. Once she sees the little one she will be so happy that you have made the decision that you have and will unconditionally love both you and the baby! Give her time to get over the shock you will need her (especially while you are in school) and she will be so in love with this baby that you will forget she ever acted the way she did.
As for the father I hope you let him know how expensive babies and day care are and suggested that he find a good paying job!!!! Good luck!!!

Anonymous said...

(Warning: another mean, heartless post from me)

I can't say I was ever a fan of his, so part of me wants to tell you you're better off this way.

However, rules need to be laid down. Perhaps not at this very moment, but be thinking about what you want or expect from him as the father of your child, and be ready to ask for it. Do you want him around? Is he the kind of person who should be around? Is he going to follow through with being around?

Yes, he's the kid's dad. Yes, kids should have a dad - it would be nice if the world were perfect for all of us. What the kid needs is a strong, loving, positive male role model in his life, and I know your kid has at least one uncle who can fit that role easily.

Having a "dad" who may or may not show up this weekend to pick him up, who cancels at the last minute, etc., is not going to do your kid any good - it's actually going to be the opposite, and it's going to wear on you as well. I'm making these assumptions because from the little I've heard of this guy, even before the pregnancy issue (which could freak anyone out and cause them to act stupidly and differently than normal), he didn't seem to be big on committment and following through on his relationships and promises. Don't let him do that to you, or your kid.

Don't let him jerk you around. Get things straight, on paper if necessary - is he going to pay you child support? How much, how often? When will it be due? If he's not paying, then he needs to sign away his rights to the child - your kid will be better off without that guy in his life. You have friends and family that can fill the "father" role much better than that shmoe can.