Wednesday, September 24, 2008

In Case You Were Wondering...

Yes, I took my two Blogger Accounts and integrated them into just Oopsababy. This was done because it's just inconvenient to continuously sign out and sign in over and over. So although I really started this blog the day or day after I figured out I was pregnant, there are older posts, dating back to May. Before blogger, I was a semi-loyal xananeer. I wish I had 40 years to integrate my xanga into this page as well, but that would be very impractical, as there are a good 3.5 years of faithful blogging. But if you'd like to go laugh at how funny I was when I was 16 and 17 (, you can!

Nothing too much else to say for now. Lloyd and I are on the outs. But not in a bad way. If that makes sense. We're trying to figure out how to handle being pregnant and being in a longish distance relationship. Wondering if being a couple right now is smarter than just going at this pregnancy Ross and Rachel style. If we get back together later? Cool. But it is something we're trying to talk through. It may seem strange to many people, but cultivating a semilong distance relationship on top of everything else going on seems like an unnecessary difficulty. However, I miss him and I know he misses me. Which is probably why he is on his way here right now, so we can continue the conversation that basically goes like this:

"being friends now would eliminate future breakups during the kiddo's life."
"I agree."
"But I don't want to break up."
"I agree."
"But it isn't about just us anymore."
"I agree."
"So what should we do?"
"I agr...wait what?"

something like that.

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tejanamama said... make some interesting points, but I would just go with what feels right for now...this isn't the best time to make potentially life altering decisions. You are all jackedup on hormones and your ideas will change with the moon, meaning you might end up giving your SO some serious headaches. He doens't know that this really goes withthe territory so its kinda not fair. If you wanna stay together and love each other, and wantto be there for each other, why label it anything? Just be together. Friends, more, or whatever. Leave labels out and just be there for each other during this time. If he wants to be there ...let him. If you can lean on him and it works for you guys, then do it. Keep things simple and just focus on taking care of your body and staying positive. This is an exciting time in your life and you should soak it all in and enjoy life and what it has to offer. :) GL! I'll have to go check out your other blog have me interested!