Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Second Post Today: Update: Dr. Called Back!

She seemed rather worried... And had me come in immediately for an ultrasound. So I did. And may I remind you that I have no hot water. So I am pretty yucky. I showered two nights ago. That was the last time. Not last night. The night before. So I felt gross. But not TOO gross. Because there I was. All worried and stuff. At the doctor. And everything is perfectly fine. She has no idea why I am bleeding. She said she bled some with all three of her pregnancies, and every single time it scared her to death. It just happens. But she said it is still good to check on everything when I bleed a little heavier than just spotting. My gestational sac is measuring 1.15 cm! That's cool. That's bigger than last time. By a lot. last time it was .7 or something close to that. So yay! And I have another appt for September 26th. Which is an ex boyfriends birthday, I just realized as I typed it... Weird to think about that. Anyway! Yay! Everything is okay! Big sigh of relief! I cried a little! Because I was relieved. But not in front of the Dr. Even though I warned her that I was crazy-crying-girl. And she said that's good, everything is normal then :o) I really like her. She makes me feel very comfortable. I hope you enjoyed this nice huge paragraph! Proclaiming my relief! woooO!


KidKate said...

Oh, wow, congrats! And YIKES! Looking forward to reading all about it as your pregnancy progresses!

Shaken Mama said...

I'm so glad things were OK. I bled through my whole first trimester with Gigi so I know what a huge scare it is. Good luck!!!