Friday, October 24, 2008

HSM 3 Premiere

In case you didn't know, within the last two months I have seen Highschool Musical and Highschool Musical 2 an inexcusable amount of times with my good friend, Jamie. She's a big fan, and lent me the first one. I watched it, hated it, judged her, and with lots of whining and pleading on her part, rewatched it. This time, with her.

Watching it WITH Jamie was an entire different ball park. There are so many glaring errors in the first two HSM's, and Jamie knows where all of them are. If you watch them with a huge sense of humor, knowing that they are as cheesy as they could possibly be, you will eventually grow to love those damn movies.

SO much so, that you and a group of your friends go see the midnight premiere of the third and final movie.

....Dressed like this:

Ryan, Sharpay, Troy, Gabriella, and Taylor

Yes, we had a white girl as a mexican girl, and a mexican girl as an african american girl. We didn't do it to offend, but to tribute and be as accurate as possible. Please give me your opinions on this, because I plan on doing a similar thing for Halloween.

Also, I realize that the Wildcats aren't blue and white, they're red and white, but we worked with what we had. I really loved being Sharpay and Ryan with Jon. He was a champ. We were stars. And...and we had stars. Glued to our faces. To emphasize the point that we were stars.

Anyway. All in all good time. The movie was good, cheesy and cute, just like we all knew it would be, and afterwards- a 9 year old fan got to have her picture taken with us. Overall successful night.

"For all these years
We've stood together,
Friends forever
Now we are gunna move on
The future is our divide,
But our friendshipIt will never end.
Let's hold hands one more time,
Enjoy the night,
Enjoy the memory
For it will never end."
-It Will Never End, HSM3

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