Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Sometimes I Wish I Carried A Spork Around With Me....

Right after my doctor told me I would lose this baby, I had to go to class. Then work. Obviously that was not a good day, but you do what you have to do. At work, people asked me how my appointment went, and, not being one who has any personal life whatsoever, simply because I don't really care if you know everything about me- I told them.

There was a girl working who I had never met before, because at the sandwich shop I work at, they've employed 36 people. So I am sure there are a lot of people I don't know. She hears me talk about my 95% chance of miscarrying, and, without hesitating, turns to me and says:

"You probably won't miscarry if you start eating well and maybe gain some weight."

She doesn't say it in a mean tone. She actually meant it as a helpful statement. She was lucky I was in a non-insane-lady-mood.

THEN, last night, Jamie and I were running a small errand, to buy cake or something equally important, and we ran into a guy from work. He asked me why I wasn't at work, and when I told him, he said that I probably miscarried because I've been under a lot of stress lately.

Because this was my fault. And I guess everyone who gets pregnant and goes along to have nice healthy, happy babies- I guess THOSE people are NEVER stressed ever.

I really hate people sometimes, and really what are sporks good for besides removing people's eyeballs?

This is nice. Why don't people realize this?


Marcy said...

Oh God. You poor thing. It's amazing how much people are completely ignorant of... though it's often not their fault, how are they supposed to know that the vast majority of miscarriages, especially ones this early on, are due to completely random genetic abnormalities that have NOTHING to do with the mother or anything she did, since we as a society never ever talk about this?

BTW the link didn't work for me. =(

KidKate said...

Oh, so sorry. Those people are so misinformed that you almost want to laugh at them--how stupid! Almost, though, not quite. Not yet. Someday. For now, I'm sure you are righteously pissed, as I would be. Hang in there. Hope you will keep blogging through it all.

Anonymous said...

You should carry a me with you. I have a few choice words to share with those f#%kheads.

Seriously. Where do you work? I'm free this weekend.

Did you even get in to see your doctor? Have you had everything checked out?

Have you looked into UNT's counseling services? You are going through something huge, you do not need to be going through it alone. You need to talk to someone who knows what she's doing (apparently your doctor doesn't, at least not when it comes to anything outside the uterus).

Thanks for the updates.

tejanamama said...


Know you aren't alone! xoxox