Saturday, October 4, 2008

An Update! In Which You Learn ABSOLUTELY NOTHING NEW!

I hate today. I don't hate October 3 (technically it's the 4th now I guess...)... I just mean....Today, I hate.

I just. Hate.

A story for you:

Today (pretend it's still the 3rd because I haven't slept yet and it's 3am, so it still feels like the 3rd to me...)... Today is day 6 of being diagnosed with a blighted ovum. I hate those words so much. But I also hate shortening them to "BO" because that sounds just as bad, if not worse. So. Day 6. Nothing much has changed. I haven't spotted since the last time I wrote about it. No symptoms have gotten worse or better. Everything is still the same. I may be just a tad bit more insane...

Other than that....Today, here is what happened:

I call the doctor in the afternoon, like they told me to.

I left a message.

They called back 2.5 hours later. They close at 5, they called back at 4:50. Cool. At least they called back.

They asked why I called. I told them I wanted the results of my blood test back. I got put on hold.

"Your hcg levels have gone from 2,956 at the beginning of september, to 12,749 at the end of september! So they have gone up a significant amount..."

"enough though?"

"yes it looks like it!"

"what about october?"


"i got blood drawn yesterday. what about october?"

"let me call you back."

4:54. 4:55. 4:56. 4:57. 4:58. 4:59


"Miss Smith?"


"Your results for yesterdays test will be in on Monday afternoon. Just give us a call then. Have a great day!"

Oh goody. I know nothing new. Spectacular. Perf. Great.

I'm just. so. mad.

Not just at them. I guess they can't help that they don't have the tests back. the situation in general.

I just want it to all work out.

Thank you all for your prayers, kind thoughts, kind words, and positive energies. I really appreciate it.

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tejanamama said...


Thinking of you and waiting for another update. You are still in my heart and prayers hon!