Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Grumbles and Mumbles, & Then Something Happy

It's so difficult to find a job that can work with my hours. Next semester will hopefully be better. If I can't get a job by next week I will probably have to move home next semester and commute alll the way to Denton every day. SO that sucks.

I really hope I am passing all my classes. I am going to make that a figure that out....tonight.

I have one more HUGE paper due, and that's it for big projects this semester. woo! The rough draft is due Monday. Yikes.

Next week there is just class on Monday and Tuesday. Then a small break for Thanksgiving, then we come back straight into dead week, then it's finals that next week, then boom. This semester from hell is finally over. I've signed up for classes next semester. Only 13 hours though. Because I have to work fairly often as well.

I am slowly....VERY slowly....starting to accept that I suck at life (in comparison with most my friends and my sister, annie), and will have to stay in college for an extra semester or 2. The thought of this actually makes me want to vomit all over my keyboard- but I would say vomit is a step up from the thought usually causing meltdowns in addition to the vomiting...

I am a good citizen and I gave blood today. Got a free t shirt. XL. Just my size. Or the only one they had left.

One of my peers from acting class called me up a few days ago. Haven't talked to her since May... We weren't very close, but I guess somehow she heard that I was pregnant and miscarried, and just when I can go a couple hours without thinking about it, I have lovely people reminding me.

Although, I am not angry with her. But turns out- she's pregnant. And has no idea what to do. She asked me what I did to have a miscarriage so she can avoid doing it. I very patiently, without crying, gave her a small lesson on miscarriages, that hopefully she learned and learned well, so that maybe if someone else in her life has one, she will avoid questions like "why did you have one?"

She's going to have a beautiful, healthy baby.

I know this because she doesn't know how far along she is to the exact day. She doesn't know how to spell obgyn. She doesn't know who the godparents of her baby are going to be. She doesn't have a tentative name for her child. She doesn't have very supportive friends, and the father ditched her and ran away immediately. She doesn't want this baby, and that's how I know she's going to have it.


On the 6th I am co-hosting an ABC Party. For those of you who aren't aware, an ABC Party means Anything But Clothes. I will be going as a game. Wearing a twister board as a dress or bikini, and gluing puzzle pieces and other various board game schtuff to my body. I'm excited.

I suppose that's all for this random update.

Wait! Every Thursday, I have been throwing romantic dinner parties for my two really awesome galpals. They drive in from North Richland Hills and we spend the evening eating a lovely meal, drinking lovely wine, and bitching about pretty much everything. It is awesome, and candlelit, and has really made my weeks better. Giving me something to look forward to and plan. This Thursday we have another girl joining us, so I am ULTRA excited for that! This will be the third Thursday that we've done this, so hopefully we can keep it up.

Okay. Lots of love to you, fellow bloggineers.

*Lacey Jane*


Marcy said...

I am tired and not in the best of moods, so I will say this more bluntly than usual. You do no suck at life. Especially if what you mean by that is having to take a bit of extra time at college. I took 5 years to graduate, and it was fine.I preferred taking my time than killing myself each semester. Taking more than 4 years does not make you a loser.

Anonymous said...

What Marcy said.
Also. where do you find all these idiot people? Please tell me you're not going to talk to this girl again.

If you do have to drive to Denton, take the DART and the Denton bus to get up there and back. It will take you two hours and cost you $5 (for the DART, the Denton bus is free with a UNT ID), but you can sleep and/or read/study on the bus, and you don't have to worry about traffic or getting your car towed. It worked well for me last summer.

Sorry about all the crap.

tejanamama said...

Another non loser here :) Took me five years to finish and then I plowed through and got my masters immediately afterwards. Not so bad I think, when you figure that by 25 I had TWO degrees! :)

Those dinner parties sound RAD!!!! I wanna come! lol

Candace said...

you are my favorite person right now lace