Friday, November 7, 2008

On The Road Again...

One of my newest but already closest friends (Candace) has been (over the past month and a half) moving from Austin to here (well...40 minutes away), and it looks like she is just about all moved in!! It is really exciting because Candace won't be disappearing to Austin every other week or so.

....Well, except tonight. But I will be going with her! And I am very excited. I have gone over there with her once before, and I am going with her again tonight. I am excited because I thought I was going to be staying in Denton alll weekend long, and the thought petrified me, even though I know that is ridiculous. So now I have PLANS!!! And it includes riding in a car for about 4 hours, being silly, being bored, being obnoxious, and being it all with a good friend.

Sounds like a good weekend already.

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The Amazing Ernie J. said...

Fun! I love road trips.

Give me ring when you get back and maybe Arbor and I will come see you.

By the way, my verification word was "ascrac"

Just though you should know.