Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Outside Time

If you recall, I highly enjoyed Halloween weekend this year more than any other previous years in my old age (too old to trick or treat with my parents I mean). It was a wonderful weekend spent with lots of people that I love so much. On Sunday of that week, I spent a good 4-5 hours outside. Just relaxing outside with some good friends. Enjoying the day. It was wonderful. And now I have pictures.

I like this picture because to me it looks both sad and hopeful.

There's me not worrying about things.

This might just be the moment I found the cutest little weed flower ever. It looked like a tiny daisy. Then I picked it and held on to it for awhile.

There it is. Hahaha.

This is my bestttt friend Heather. We met when we were three. She moved in across the street. I remember the first time I saw her. She was scooting along on a sesame street themed scoot-a-long thing. She's the one who lives in Austin. Until college rolled around, Heather and I always lived across the street, or down the street, from each other. We are so so lucky to have that advantage, and we know it. We never went to the same school. I really think that helped us. We always had stuff to talk about and we never spent SO much time together all day every day that we got sick of each other. She's simply amazing. 17 years and counting. My longest relationship :o)

This picture was taken by either Heather or Alex from the balcony. There are two of these. I really like both of them. That's Will and Sam that I am hanging with. Will is Heathers' roommate, and Sam is his bestie.

This is another best friend. Alexandra. We met in Kindergarten. I actually remember the first time I met her, too. She looked perfect. Nothing about her was askew. Her hands were folded, her feet crossed, her ties tied properly, her long beautiful hair combed.

Then there was me. A mess. No one could comb my hair. I had to think very hard to even sit still. My ties were constantly untied. I always forgot my modesty shorts. We sat across from each other. My hands were anywhere but folded neatly on the table. We were a perfect match.

We were the smartest, fastest learning two kids in that class. And throughout the next couple years at school. So at least we had that similarity. Some things never change. Alex still looks perfect. Every time I see her.

Here's me enjoying clouds.

It really was a very well spent day, in my opinion.

*Lacey Jane*

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