Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Flu Season & Waterworks

Well, it's (kind of) official. I have the flu. Nausea, headache, achyness, the works. It isn't HORRIBLE yet. My highest temperature was barely 101 degrees, but because it is soo cold outside, and 101 is still a fever, and I feel horrible, I didn't make it to any classes today. I don't feel TOO bad about it because it IS dead week (which is perfect because I might as well be dead with as much as I got accomplished). I just hope I feel better tomorrow so I can start and hopefully finish my FINAL research paper, due on Friday.

My car is broken. Undrivable. And I have no idea when I will be getting it back. So that sucks.

I'm almost out of zoloft, so I need to call in a refill, although I am thinking about just going back to the doctor (you know, when I can get a ride back to town) and talking to him again, because lately EVERYTHING is making me cry. It is not any sort of crucial time in my cycle, so it isn't that... I just can't stop crying. Over ridiculous things. SO lame.

How's this for a freaking lame update?


Marcy said...

Ugh. That sucks. Though if you have the flu you shouldn't be going to classes anyway, or else you'll spread it around even more. Good excuse to stay home, eh? Doesn't work so well for finals, unfortunately.

tejanamama said...

GOOD LUCK with finals! I hope you get over the flu soon AND that you can find a better treatment for your depression. Do you go to a therapist or just take meds? Given recent events...I cannot imagine it NOT being helpful to look into getting more help lady!! SERIOUSLY look into it, okay?

Be well!

Anonymous said...


tejanamama said...

feelin any better lady?