Friday, December 19, 2008

I Did Not Even Last ONE Week

Greetings, fellow bloggonians. I type to you today at 7:21am from my bed at home. You may wonder if I am EVER up this early. The answer to that my pals is no. No. No NEVER. Unless I have homework to finish. But during this, the holiday season, where my hours are 12:30 to 6:30 every day, no. I will get up at 9, maybe. Or 10. 1030 at the latest. So NOW, you may be wondering what in the hell I am doing so awake and shining on this dreary? beautiful? cold? warm? I don't know. Friday morning.

The answer is quite simple. Yesterday at the preschool, when I was hangin' out with my pre-k, all 18 of them, my head starting hurting. Then it started pounding. Then I had to have a talk with pre-k about how Miss Lacey is a big fat baby when it came to being sick at school. She didn't like it and it made her mean!!! Surprise surprise: ALL of pre-k is sick too! Their heads hurt. Their tummies hurt. Their throats hurt. I hear 100 stories about how they've "frowed up" in the past. My little hypochondriacs are very adorable as they sympathized but it really didn't help the headache situation.

So, I was Miss Lacey Grumpy Pants yesterday, but the kids were great, and actually, because I AM Miss Lacey- they never ever ever think I am mean. Ever. Probably because I don't look scary at all. Even when I try. I have to win them all with love and kindness. Some of the teachers can just give a look, and the kids straighten up. Not me. I give a look, and they smile or laugh and shake their heads like "oh Miss's cute that you try."

So anyway, why am I up at 7:29 in the morning on a Friday? Because I am sick. I am quite sick. I frowed up last night. Well, actually it was more like at various times this morning. Even when I had nothing to frow up. I continued to make beautiful frowing up noises. It was most unpleasant. And that's why I told you all about it. Enjoy.

As my Doctor put it, I work in the petri dish of America. And if you recall, my immune system ain't what it ought to be. Mononucleosis does that to you, and when I got mono, I got it BAD. Some of you may recall!

I realize this post could have gone as follows:

"I puked last night so now I won't even be going to work today because I am pretty sick because all those damn kids are sick and I didn't even make it one freaking week without getting their slimy germy sicknesses."


Also- I really do love those damn sick kids.

*Lacey Jane*

"I thought those puppets were fake BUT THEN THEY STARTED TALKING!!!!"
-Tanya, age 4, when Mr. Music and his puppet friends had left


tejanamama said...

do you do vitamins or anything? I really like the airbourne. If you don't have a good immune system its important not only to eat well but take supps to help you build it back up. Probiotics also help. I'm not all granola but my health and my daughter's health has improved greatly since starting on these kinds of things. We are rarely sick unless its allergy related. Unfortunately there is much less we can do about that. Of course, wash your hands OFTEN (like all day long)!!! DON't do some wimpy daily vitamin need the good stuff!! FEEL BETTER HONEY!!

Candace said...

i dont want anything...just you.:) love u