Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Arrested Development

Anyone ever get into Arrested Development? It's truly hilarious. My family can appreciate it because the show is about a crazy family, not unlike our own. Sure the situations and characters are different, but the crazy is all kinds of there.

One of my favorite characters on the show (Although it varies from show to show because they're all spectacular) is the youngest brother of the main(est) character, Michael Bluth. His name is Byron Bluth, but everyone calls him Buster.

Buster has an interesting relationship with his mother. She babies him and she has him wrapped around her little finger. Buster also is kind of a whiny neurotic freak. He has anxiety attacks easily. He doesn't sound too intelligent when he talks (more like a scared 9 year old girl), but his parents have spent thousands of dollars ('cause they're rich) on various classes for him to be successful. And yet, he's older, still living with his mommy, and loving it.

Buster is bitchy. He's a pansy. He can't do too much by himself. But he's adorable and you just HAVE to love him because he's Buster.

For all those reasons. The puppy has been named Byron "Buster" Bluth.

He goes by Buster, Buster Bluth, or Baby Bluth.

Or really whatever comes out of my mouth when I talk to him...


Criss said...

Aww!!! I want to meet Buster!!!

Word verification: ammudg. Yes, Buster, you are! :P

Marcy said...

Arrested Development = Best. Show. Ever. I too loved Buster. I also could never get enough of GOB even tho he's such a total ass.... who had the best magic shows. lol