Saturday, February 14, 2009

I Hate Today.

And not because it is Valentines Day. I love Valentines Day. I will be seeing my Valentine later when he gets off work.

But just- today. In general.


speeding ticket (second one this week)

puppy poop. everywhere but on the puppy training pad. which he likes to eat and play with. not poop on.

being really really really poor.

not wanting to blog because I hate doing nothing but complain.

I swear very soon you will get a 100% complete Life of Lacey update.

and it will be long.

and you will read it and comment on it.

as for now, happy valentines day.

-Lacey Jane

"I heard someone say 'last one there is a rotten egg' today and it dawned on me that THAT is the expression I grew up saying. Not nigger egg. Rotten egg. I can't believe I have been saying nigger egg for years and years....and teaching it to you guys! Oh man. Where is my mind?"

where indeed, mother?


The Amazing Ernie J. said...

Oh Lacey, I love you. You and your unconscious racism.

Which is why I made you a mix tape.

An internet mix tape.

But blogger is gay and won't let me put html in a comment, so look for it on myspace.

And my word was pooesse.

Like finesse, but shitty.

But my second one was trammal.

A warm blooded furry mode of public transportation that gives birth to live young.

Criss said...

Oh, that quote brings back so many memories... Not good ones, mind you. But memories nonetheless.


(Uh, glad those days are over.)

Marcy said...

See, I really really want a dog but then keep reading things that remind me of how much work is actually involved in having and training a dog, and, well, I think I can wait.

Hope your day got better, or that today was better for you.

Diana said...

haha i was there when you mom realized the saying isn't "nigger egg." it was so great.
love you!