Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Putting The Saga Aside For A Moment....

Everyone. This weekend was rough for me. Really rough.


Yes, a lot of it (all of it) had to do with Lloyd. But we must not hate. Really. Please don't hate him. I am fairly certain he will be a big part of my life one day. Not today. Today we are not talking. Or yesterday. Or for the next couple/few months. But one day. So no hating please. Everyone does stupid things. Lloyd just happens to do INCREDIBLY stupid things.

The point is, without going into more detail- I deserve love and cuddles from someone who won't do incredibly stupid things..

So, meet my new love/cuddle buddy.

He is currently nameless, but oh so adorable, loving, and did I mention cuddly?

.............I meant to get a cute, self sufficient, cuddly KITTEN....but let's face it. I am a dog person. And I couldn't resist him. I mean honestly.


Criss said...

Although I am a certified (uh... certifiable?) cat person, I concur that nameless puppy is horribly adorable.

As for the hating... sorry. But I get angry with people who do stupid things. Especially when those stupid things hurt my friends.

Also, part of the hating directed at him probably should be directed a little bit at you, because you continue to let this person hurt you and do those incredibly stupid things that hurt you. But I like you too much to send hating your way, so I direct it at him.

But back to the puppy: he is full of adorableosity. And cuddleosity, I'll bet (I can't really tell from the photo, it being 2D and all...)

tejanamama said...

Hopefully he can be part of your life a long time from now, when he grows up. You need to stabalize your life with POSITIVE people who are likeminded and loving. You deserve to be around people who treat you as you treat them and who do not make your life more dramatic that it needs to be.

I used to envy ppl with drama in their lives thinking mine was sooooooooo boring. Then I got a little drama in my life over the past year and I soooooo wish I had my boring life back! :( We are treated how we allow others to treat us. I had to make some changes to keep myself from being treated how i was being treated. Hopefully we never go down that road again!

GOOD LUCK TO YOU and enjoy the dog! :)

The Amazing Ernie J. said...

While I completely understand why you don't hate Lloyd despite his immense stupidity, I don't know if I can comply.

Well, how about a compromise?
I won't hate him, but I do think he's a gigantic yeasty douchebag for hurting someone as completely awesome and sweet as you.
Sound fair?

Marcy said...

Oh, if you only knew about some of the incredibly stupid things Zach and I have done in the past. To others, and each other. But we're better now. Sometimes people just need time and to grow up. And sometimes it doesn't work anyway. I think that's about the best, most generic advice I can give seeing as I know absolutely nothing about the situation.

Super adorable puppy, btw. I think the name "Buster" totally fits him.

bearer of three said...

he is definitely a cutie.i want a puppy so bad