Monday, June 8, 2009


A quick update for you beautiful folks...

I have yet to hear back from Rent callbacks... they went extraordinarily well, for other people moreso than for me, but still... very well... there was a lot and I mean A LOT of talent in that room. I probably will not get cast in a larger role but that is okay.

Rehearsals for Reefer Madness begin on Saturday, so I thought I would work AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE until then. My schedule is as follows then for this week:

babysit 9-2, 2 boys- a 4 year old and his 7 month old rolly brother. SO ROLLY. I can't even count how many rolls this adorable baby has.

nap 230-430

restaurant work 6-2

sleep 230-8


WOOOO for a 60+ hour work week!

Have a fantastic week guys! And keep me somewhere in your minds- you're never far from mine!


Criss L. Cox said...

That's a lot of working. Don't burn yourself out or get yourself sick! Take lots of vitamin C and stuff.

tejanamama said...

I bitch about having my two at home while I work (from home), but I dont have a choice in the matter. You are a doll to take on so much at once! GL and know its okay to NOT do it all if you cannot. Shit these are my kids and I cannot handle it sometimes! How much do you charge?? I NEED A DAMN BREAK! lol THey are lucky to have you! I know how you love kids!!! **HUGS**

Shaken Mama said...

Hey, it was nice to see your name pop up on my comments, and to come over to your blog and catch up. Hope we both get some rest soon! :-)