Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Oh Blogger...Always A Nice Computery Shoulder To Cry On....

al;ksdjf;lksdajf ;lkasdj f;lasdkfjUGHGHGHGHGH i hate being a girl and being SO EMOTIONAL.

I need to not care about such ridiculous things but I cannot help it right now.

I am not making any money at work and it SUCKS.

Lloyd got cast in Rent. I WAS SO EXCITED TO HAVE A LLOYD FREE SUMMER and he got cast in a show that I wanted to do.

I decided to go to callbacks and if I DO happen to get Mimi or Maureen I will suck it up and do it. I just HATE him for this. I would love to one day be friends with Lloyd but it won't happen anytime soon.

He got cast as Collins. Gay black guy. Typical.

OH MY GOODNESS blogger. He also has a girlfriend. So that's cool. I realize I kinddd of have a boyfriend and it used to be a friend of his but it still really makes my heart hurt. A lot.

And I cannot even coherently type I just have so much negative emotion right now and I don't want to bitch about it to a lot of people. I can't bitch about him anymore because I am even sick of hearing me bitch about it. That's a neat thing about computers. I am bitching but I cannot HEAR myself doing it!

Very nice.

Anyway. So, yes, right now, I am hating. And it does not feel good.


tejanamama said...

thought of you often lady and kept checkin the blog and saw nothing...then you go and decide to get verbose when I am gone! lol I enjoyed catching up (kinda...some of that is bad stuff to read) but i appreciate you keeping us abreast of events in your life!!! I hope it gets better and i DO hope your finances get better...MINE TOO! lol Keep posting!

Criss L. Cox said...

Lacey, love, let's look at this: did Lloyd get pregnant? Did Lloyd have to face your parents, as their youngest daughter, and tell them she was unmarried and pregnant?

Did Lloyd have a miscarriage?


He treated you like a dirty dishrag while you carried his child, had your body betray you and beat the crap out of you for days while you miscarried, and then mourned your child's life while he was out getting another girl pregnant.

You've gone through much more than Lloyd ever could, even if he tried.

I hope something happens that causes him to drop out of the show, because I want you to be cast and I want to see you in it.