Friday, June 19, 2009

Once Again I Have Taken On A Lotttt....

And thusly I am sickish. Yesterday I was sick, today I am just sickish, but hopefully I am resting enough for my lame body to heal up, because I have lots going on!

I got cast as ensemble in Rent and I was all set to do it, knowing Lloyd would be there. I mentally prepared myself and convinced myself I didn't need a xanax.

The first two hours were okay. I didn't look at him as much as I could, and there were enough people to where I could see three weeks of doing that working out pretty well. Then, cliche moment of my life, we started singing Seasons Of Love, wherein it talks about measuring a year of your life. HOW COULD I HELP IT? I thought about the last year of MY life (of which he was such a huge part) and then it happened. The waterworks. I calmly put my script down in the middle of the song, and walked out the back of the room. No one noticed. Ish. Then I had Sobfest '09 in the bathroom for another hour and a half before everyone left. When I came back out and got my purse and script, I talked to the director and apologized and told her I couldn't do it.

I tried.

But on the plus side, she's doing a highschool production of Highschool Musical 2, and I don't know if I have mentioned my love for HSM in general, but it would be really fun and funny to just do ensemble for that show instead. SOOOO that's what I will probably do instead of Rent. That gives me until the 1st to decide on whether or not I will do that.

Allison (girl I was moving in with in Houston) decided she wants to stay at her moms until January (Tristan will be about 3 months old then) before moving, so that puts me in an awkward position until then. I really would like to move earlier than that. In August, preferrably. Alex wants to move to Austin. I don't, but maybe for 6 months it won't be so bad.

Let's see let's see.... I have to go to work at 10, so I am trying to make this fast...

Hmm.. I got my hair done! Woo! I never spend money on myself, but when I do, it is on something ridiculous, like an expensive haircut! My favorite! I asked her to style and shape my hair, and blonde it up just a little bit. I am a natural blonde, but for the summer I wanted to be a bit blonder. She shaped it up and styled it and I LOVE the cut, but then she REALLY REALLY REALLY blonded it up. Dave walked in later after I had gotten home, and did a double take. He turned on the lights and was like "Hmm... it looks like...OMG like I am SO a BLONDE!"

So yeah. She Malibu Barbied my hair, but it's okay. I'm rockin' it.

Wow. A whole paragraph on my hair. That's spectacular.

Um.... I miss Heather a LOT. She needs to return asap.

I miss Jamie a lot too, but luckily I saw her yesterday.

Eric is still wonderful. No change there.

Dave leaves today for a 6 week ballet intensive in Colorado! Oh man! I miss that kid already!

Okay off to work. Wish me luck on being not so phlegmmy!


WorryWart said...

It definitely seems you've taken on alot, but it sits well with you! If you look back at old blogs and compare them to your last 2 or are a happy lady for sure!! Keep it up :)

Criss L. Cox said...

Let me know the details on HSM. Woot!

Austin's pretty cool. Go hang out there for a few months. You'll probably like it more than you think.

Marcy said...

Sucks for you, but probably a good call for your friend to stay with her mom for a bit longer. Those first months with a newborn are rough... I don't know what I would've done without my mom around for the first month (an extra pair of hands is always nice, but still no substitute for your own mom who's done it all before).

Austin would be fun to live in for a few months. Though might be a hassle to deal with moving to a different city for just a few months?

And ditto, WorryWart, you do sound happier in these recent posts. Which is awesome. Yay for great hair, too! (My sister Jen recently spent $200 on a hair dryer, felt dumb about it at first but her hair ROCKS all the time now and seems to have been very much worth it. Sometimes those "silly" splurges are totally worth it after all)